What to do When the Roof is Leaking in An Apartment Building?

What to do When the Roof is Leaking in An Apartment Building?

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The roof leaks not only during periods of heavy rains but also during winter thaws, spring melting of snow, etc. What to do if a roof is leaking in an apartment building?

Causes of Leaks

In apartment buildings, roofs are most often flat with roll coverings, but pitched roofs with a complex configuration are also found. The more complex the roof, the more difficult it is to repair the leak.

Mechanical damage

The integrity of the roof can be compromised during the cleaning of snow. Inexperienced staff can cause mechanical tears of roofing materials. Another reason is the installation of various engineering networks on the roof. To install them, you should cut new holes in the roof, perform various construction works. Any violation of technology can cause mechanical damage.

Natural physical wear of materials

All roofing materials have their own service life. Quite often, what manufacturers promise does not correspond to practice. The fact is that manufacturers rely on ideal operating conditions for roofing materials, but this does not occur in practice. As a result, the roof loses its tightness much earlier than the homeowners expect. Depending on the type of roofing materials, a method is chosen to solve the problems that have arisen: routine repairs or a complete replacement of the roofing cake are done.

Poor quality roofing material

Unfortunately, the products of not all enterprises meet the existing quality requirements. Defective roofs are produced by unlicensed companies and some domestic ones that work quite officially. Elimination of leaks caused by low-quality materials requires a lot of waste of time and financial resources.

Violations of roofing technology

This is the most common reason for leaks on the roofs of apartment buildings. Low responsibility or insufficient professionalism of builders causes big problems for residents of apartment buildings. Although this is the so-called human factor, the unscrupulous attitude of the performers to their duties is a big problem for all general contractors.

Some leaks appear only after heavy snowfall or strong dock winds, and others are caused by light rain.

On pitched roofs, problems most often appear in the places where the slopes adjoin flat vertical surfaces, in valleys, on skates. Flat roofs have an insufficient minimum slope; the roof surface is not divided into zones with water drainage, etc. Each mistake causes leaks, affects their intensity, and, accordingly, can cause various material damage.

The importance of roofing inspection

The importance of roofing inspection is the maintenance of the current condition of your roof. You do not have to regularly check your roof for issues as long as you use good quality roofing material and the roof is installed properly. You can get your roof examined after six months, and by doing so, your roof will come a long way before the first sign of deterioration.

The expert roof inspectors of the best Connecticut home inspection company also solve difficulties before they get more serious. You can also check your roof once in a while, but if you want to have an expert’s suggestion regarding the condition of your roof, you can always contact Bottom to Top Inspections.