Signs You Have Bedbugs at Your Place

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Signs You Have Bedbugs at Your Place

It is not possible to find bedbugs in an apartment right away. Signs of the presence of bedbugs in the house appear when there are already many of these parasites. You should pay attention to the well-known signs of bedbugs and carefully examine the home. Don’t ignore them.

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Here’s a look at critical signs that can assist in deciding if you have a bed bug infestation in your home:

Itchy red bites

This is the first sign of a bed bug infestation- Flat, red welts in curved lines or small clusters. They can also leave their bites in straight rows. Your exposed skin is vulnerable to bites.

Often, you scratch your arms and shoulders when you feel a bite, but the scratching does not create any diseases. However, the welts that appear after scratching make you feel uncomfortable and lead to bleeding and infection.

These bugs are mostly found in beds where we spend most of the night. The bed bugs are most active at night.

Footprints on the bed

Bed bugs are not the fastest creatures. Traces of crushed bedbugs and bloodstains remain on the bed linen. Not only adults but also larvae suck blood. The larvae are easier to crush since they have a thinner and softer chitinous membrane.

When bitten, they do not inject a blood-clotting substance into the wound; therefore, after the bite, droplets of blood ooze for some time.


Another sign of bedbugs in the house is a characteristic smell. It is due to the release of a special secret that pests need to navigate. With his help, they find each other. With the gradual spread of parasites, the house owners may not feel this smell. But it is worth leaving for a couple of days and returning, as the smell seems very strong and even suffocating. Guests of the house will also tell you about a specific aroma.

If you find your house smelling like a dirty locker room, it might be time to hire the best home inspectors, CT.

Disturbed Sleep

Do you find yourself waking up multiple times in the middle of the night? It could be a sign of bed bugs. You might unknowingly feel slight movement on your skin or quick instances of itching/burning. As bed bugs primarily feed at night, they could disrupt your sleep.

Reach Out Today to Handle the Situation!

Calling the best Connecticut home inspection company allows you to handle this situation as quickly as possible. You don’t want to continue to have your life turned upside-down by a bed bug problem. Calling them will give you the best results possible and allow you to get back to enjoying your home life as normal.