Home Inspectors Meriden CT

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Home Inspectors Meriden CT

Have you been looking for home inspectors Meriden CT? The best home inspector around is Bob Repass at Bottom to Top Inspections. Certified inspector Bob Repass has 35 years of expertise in the field. Are you putting your current home on the market soon?  It is to your advantage to learn of issues that may delay your sale. When buying a property for yourself and your family, a thorough home inspection is critical. By scheduling a home inspection with owner Robert Repass, you can learn more about all the minor and significant issues with your potential home and make a wise investment decision.

At Bottom to Top Inspections, we offer various services that are a critical aspect of home inspection. From standard home inspection that covers the assessment of your roof, home’s structure, foundation, and other critical systems, such as HVAC system, plumbing and electrical systems, to specialty home inspections and radon testing, we ensure that you get a clear picture of all the possible issues with the property of your choice

There are some great reasons to work with Bottom to Top Inspections. We thoroughly evaluate the inside and outside of your home. Moreover, our licensed professionals work with the latest technology to inspect your home thoroughly. So if you are planning to buy or sell a home, then don’t skip the home inspection.

Save yourself from investing in a problem home by scheduling a thorough home inspection. It is important to identify all problem areas before the deal is finalized. When you think you may have found the home of your dreams, call Robert Repass first. Call Bottom to Top Home Inspections for an estimate: 860-416- 8327.

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