Things to Do Before Selling Your Home

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Things to Do Before Selling Your Home

Home staging is a set of measures to enhance real estate attractiveness for potential buyers with minimal investment.

Of course, everything is learned by comparison. Elite and expensive renovations never justify the investment. Meanwhile, inexpensive cosmetic repairs can increase the real estate value, push the buyer to choose in favor of your option, hide the most significant disadvantages, and show the advantages of your real estate. The following steps are a way to get a good head start on preparing to sell your home.

Improve the entrance or adjacent area

Inspection of the property starts from the entrance. The presence of the front door, the condition of the walls, railings, elevator, and stairs – all this is paid attention to when you first inspect the apartment.

Of course, some things cannot be influenced, and you will not make repairs at the entrance yourself. But it is quite possible to remind the manager of the debris on the staircase, a broken window, or a non-working light bulb. Besides, you can do some things yourself without spending a lot of money – screw in light bulbs, lay a rug in front of your door, sweep on your floor.

With houses, everything is in your hands. It is enough to mow the lawn, renew the paint on the gate, place a couple of cheap sculptures, and the view will be better.

All this will make the first impression better, and it plays a decisive role.

Provide good lighting.

The light in the house should be bright – this is one of the basic rules when displaying real estate.

If necessary, change all bulbs and add temporary sources of lighting – table lamps, floor lamps, sconces. All rooms should be as illuminated as possible.

Arrange the furniture

An empty house looks larger and is less personalized, but you can “help” the buyer decide with a minimal furniture set.

Why wonder if a sofa or wardrobe will fit in a specific opening? Leave this furniture, and here is an excellent example that they can stand there.

Will this room be convenient for a nursery? Here is a bed, here is a children’s desk and a small wardrobe.

The presence of a kitchen unit is also essential. It can cost several hundred thousand rubles for a large kitchen, and if you leave this furniture, then the price of the apartment can be increased.

Contact house call inspections in Hartford, CT

You can check the house to the ground with your own five senses. But before making the final decision, you must be one hundred percent confident in the place. The foundation must be solid, and the wiring must be secure. All technical issues must be checked by special inspectors found in the relevant public or private structures. House call inspections in Hartford, CT, even checks for lead paint and wood pests.